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Finding God without religion can be hard

Yes, finding God without religion can be hard. But then, doesn’t that depend on what “religion” is? And what we’re looking for? For instance – if you only focus on the test pattern above – it can be hard to see the cross.

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  • Say bad things about me and I’ll destroy you
    Say bad things about me and I’ll destroy you.This was said by our president (now past President) – Donald Trump.  But it’s OK.  As he went on to explain: “I only destroy their career because they said bad things about me and you fight back and they go down the tubes and that’s OK,” he added.No, it’s not OK – as I’ll go on to explain.
  • Does The Bible Tell Us Anything About Christianity And Politics?
    What do I mean by Christianity and politics? It’s a really broad question, but let’s focus on this: how can we take a Christian view of the politics involved in the world today? How about this for a starting point on how to view the charges being leveled back and forth between the two political parties in the U.S.? Also in many other countries. And between countries. Let’s look to part of Paul’s first letter to the church in Thessalonica.
  • Do the ends justify the means with Donald Trump?
    Do the ends justify the means with Donald Trump? That’s a pretty general question, so let’s tighten it up a bit. I was watching a BBC program called Hard Talk yesterday. The host (generally) has controversial figures from around the world and asks, obviously, hard questions.Yesterday, the guest was Senator Lindsey Graham. The question to him was, do the ends justify the means when it comes to Donald Trump? The answer – yes. He said that Republicans may not like some of the things he does, but he gets good results.So here’s my question. For a Christian, should the ends justify the means with Donald Trump? Notice, I wrote should, not do. Truth be told, for many Christians, Trump’s ends do justify the means. But should they?
  • What is the source of knowledge? True knowledge?
    What is the source of knowledge? And I mean of true knowledge? Not just information. Not someone’s version of “their truth” or what someone else “knows”. But real, honest-to-goodness true knowledge. Remember when that used to exist? It hasn’t gone away. And it won’t go away, no matter how much we try to ignore it. But in today’s world of information overload, how can we find real true knowledge?
  • What happened to love? Did it die of COVID?
    What happened to love? You know, the kind where people actually care about each other? Especially in times of crisis? Like so many people, did love die of COVID? I know – so many of you are tired of hearing about face-masks. But if you think you have even an ounce of love left in you, please, keep reading.
  • What’s in a name change?
    What’s in a name change? That depends on who’s changing the name. And why. Since this is a site about finding God, let’s start by saying that when God changes someone’s name – it’s a really big deal. Everything else, by definition, is less than such a big deal.

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