The Greatest Commandment - Matthew

Does The Bible Tell Us Anything About Christianity And Politics?

What do I mean by Christianity and politics? It’s a really broad question, but let’s focus on this: how can we take a Christian view of the politics involved in the world today? How about this for a starting point on how to view the charges being leveled back and forth between the two political parties in the U.S.? Also in many other countries. And between countries. Let’s look to part of Paul’s first letter to the church in Thessalonica.

What happened to love? Did it die of COVID?

What happened to love? You know, the kind where people actually care about each other? Especially in times of crisis? Like so many people, did love die of COVID? I know – so many of you are tired of hearing about face-masks. But if you think you have even an ounce of love left in you, please, keep reading.

What would happen to a modern-day Moses in America?

What would happen to a modern-day Moses in America? A Moses who led people from Central America to the United States. To a land flowing with milk and honey. To a better life in a new land. Even better, to a new land populated with lots of Christians, rather than the pagans who didn’t know their God.

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